'POWER' Grits & Grants Workshop


Get your grants, here's your keys!

Without a doubt the two biggest hurdles to home ownership are cash and credit. Grants and Down Payment Assistance are designed to assist in overcoming the cash hurdle.

We're getting down to the nitty-gritty of home purchase with as little as ......


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'POWER' 620 Credit Workshop


Credit Issues, What Can I do?

Invest 90 minutes of your time, no not $90, no not 3 easy payments of $90, invest just 90 minutes of your time in a free workshop that will forever change the way you view and use credit. You will laugh, some of you will even cry once you learn how easy it is to get to that magic 620.

So, if you really want to fire your Landlord.....


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Smitty Smith
Smitty Smith

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